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Words make the world go round…Language and meanings change every year.

What do you think of these:

  • Curated. “A word that has been brutalised by Hipster culture. Google practically anything – potatoes, burgers, you name it – and there’ll be a curated list somewhere in the world. To make it worse, lists are often ‘carefully curated’, which is tautologous.”
  • Content. “Second only to the vacuum of space as the emptiest thing in the universe. It’s like calling literature or journalism ‘words’. It’s the high watermark in the commoditisation of writing.”
  • Disambiguate. “A word that rather cleverly obscures the thing it seeks to clarify. Like spraying mud on windows to clean them.”
  • Human Capital. “The latest in the personnel department’s march towards balance sheet.”
  • The new normal. Judge’s comment: “Unfortunately it is catching on. I get hundreds of emails a week that reference this phrase.”
  • In the time of Covid. “Gabriel Garcia Marquez it ain’t.”
  • Reach out. “My standard response is ‘back off’.”
  • Circle back. “Sigh. Incoming Halley’s Comet press release.”
  • Ideation. “A bold attempt to make a bad idea sound better than it is by diverting our attention.”
  • Bake. “Please stop using this as a noun. It is a loaf or a cake. It is not a bake.”
  • Fake news. “An oxymoron of such heft that only a moron could coin it. Unfortunately it has caught on.”
  • Mainstream media. Judge’s comment: “A tedious blamefest, thinly disguising a lack of ability to debate properly.”
  • We remain cautious. “On a quarterly basis, listed companies invite their advisors to visit them and help them draft their financial results statement, including the outlook statement. These three opaque words are the most overused and expensive a company will ever buy.”
  • Going forward. “I long for the day someone writes ‘going backward’.”
  • Solutions. Long-time Hall of Shame member, best exemplified by the sticker company that describes itself as “a global leader in adhesive labelling solutions”.
  • Fake News. Everything that media does these days. From Hall of Fame president “Trump” – So DUMP the Fake News.
  • Theatre When troops are at war. Way to de sensitise what we think of war

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