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Y we dont want to work

Y we don’t want to work…on any day that ends in a “Y”

(editor) It should be really concerning that we are breeding a generation and the class of people who actually don’t really want to work. We have gone from working really hard to achieve great things within Australia and sucking up any small amounts of pain that we’ve all experienced along the way, to new a generation that have an excuse and a reason not to work every day of the week. In fact it could almost be said that any day ending in a “Y” is a good day to have off

We have mental health days

We have maternity leave

We have child school leave

We have (too many!) Public Holidays

We have minimum of four weeks a year public Holidays

We have some industries have up to six and eight weeks holiday (journalists!)

We have fly in fly at miners that work 26 weeks a year

We have teachers that don’t work much harder (16 weeks off)

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