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Canadian Lee Macmillan

You can’t influence people when you are dead.

So the world mourned the death of another influencer today, 27 year old Canadian Lee Macmillan

I guess for me the concerning ongoing issue is that the 100% perfect and idealistic life that influences set for the vulnerable the normal, The school girls and school boys, plus the young people into the workforce is for the greater part unattainable. While we all try to live La Vida dulce the reality is 90% of us have a normal routine attached to family and work.

While it seems this young lady may have had some other underlying issues and the idea of travelling the world living in an idealistic way of life should have helped the underlying issues, on this occasion it didn’t. The pyramid of depression and the weight of the world has weighed upon many who may read this.

I was reading recently where the influencer of the world can charge between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per post, now I understand that that’s a lot of money and in some parallel universe influences are actually running a business. I just wonder if the people business of trying to make everything perfect is the right one as our sympathies go out to the family of this young lady who was doing nothing more than trying to live her life albite that it’s now been cut short.

To her family our condolences, to the influences of the world be careful, and to everyone else be kind to yourself.

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