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The 20-year-old made headlines in his home state of Western Australia

We don’t want to pile on …BUT what the hell!!

So this is not a story about an Aboriginal kid doing bad, it’s about the whole sporting community failing.

So I’m guessing as a Richmond player he is on $200,000 – $300,000 – $400,000 a year. More money than all his friend and relations may have seen. So as a young man he wants to venture out and have some fun, and hell knows spend some of that cash.

This is the problem! All care and no responsibility.

Where is the Swans player manager? Where is his manager?? Where is his lawyer??? Where is his family ????? So he can go out, muck up and no one knows where he is or what he is doing??

I’ve had swimming coaches who have known more about what I was doing and thinking and me.

Brand X (generation) is fast becoming unbankable and unplayable. Your image is endelably attached to who you are. The media channels want a “Homogeneous, happy, happy face” for all the viewers. Viewers are the clients, media is the channel to get leveraged income to the “cash cows” and players the pawn in the high roller game. This game maybe is not for all elite sportspeople.

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