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Wot yo momma goanna say? Dis is ugly girlfriend!!

(editor) So this has become one of the things that keeps we awake at night, the complete breakdown of inter human society respect as we know it. So Miami this week, played host to the Spring vacation holidays and the breaking out of teens, locked up too tightly in a controlled schooling system. So what do we see….?

#BlackDontMatter #AuthorityDontMatter #WhiteDontMatter #BlackOnBlack #WhiteOnBlack #FemaleFighters

For me the disturbing thing in these pictures, is everyone’s obsession with being in the moment on camera and looking through life as a lens, and the complete lack of empathy for the girls in the punch up!

Person 1 – I got dis on my camera, my mates will think its funny

Person 2 – She deserved this anyway

Person 3 – I’m not getting involved, but part of the fun for the day

Person 4 – Shock, but I’m not doing anything

Person 5 – Can you move so I can get a better shot

Person 6 – My money is on the chick in white top

So while we spend infinite time on the things we can’t change, we spend less time on the things we can change. What’s done wrong with the world come to?

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