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I used to enjoy Sunday News …

(Editor) The long lazy day with coffee, friends, a newspaper not too far away, and reading all the interesting thing’s that happened during the week with analysis and well written commentary …. BUT NOW – This is the crap we got today as head lines:

Julia Morris’ breakfast meltdown (Who cares! in Byron being an idiot or click bait)

‘GO FOR THE THROAT’: Mum reveals moment that husband ‘cracked’ (Sad story and only real story for the day)

Disaster looming in Aussie housing market (Same story regurgitated 15 times a month!)

Ricciardo in shock after ‘dark’ F1 disaster (More disasters off the track than on it … do they actually race these days or just go from disaster to disaster, sick of it!)

Anti-vax doctor dies from COVID (Well, stupid African doctor not informed and made wrong decision!)

Kate may never forgive Harry for interview ( 4 story’s on front page!)
 – so grown up Charlotte (She’s 6 years old, leave her alone to grow up)
– Megan and Harry hypocrites (Same story 4 weeks old! BORING)
– Royals told to leave funeral (Same story 4 weeks old!)

Legendary actress Olympia Dukakis dead at 89 (Sad, great actress and never got the credit she deserved)

Warner brutally axed in bombshell move (Another over paid cricketer in India not performing)

Newton-John ‘in shock’ over sudden death (A friend, of a friend, or a nurse who dies) Nice Olivia story, but News, click bait

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