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I divorced Alan Jones…

(Editor) This is a really interesting action for The Tele … I too have watched Alan Jones on Sky, and thought he had missed the point, and berating Gladys Berejiklian for her action on Covid, was at best “Bullying”

The words that ring and burn in my ears are, when Alan Jones resigned from the Breakfast Show on 2GB, he said “As you know I was away last week … at one of those doctor’s things, these days I seem to have too many of them. Health-wise though I am ok. But we are living in the world of coronavirus and the most repeated statement we hear is ‘we must listen to the experts’,” Mr Jones said.

“Well the experts are telling me in no uncertain terms, and not for the first time I might add, and I quote, this is my letter from last week ‘Alan, continuing with the present workload is seriously detrimental to your health’. I’ve listened to the experts and I’m taking this opportunity to indicate to my radio family that I will be retiring from radio at the end of this month, May 29.”

(editor) So by the Premier listening to her experts in the health field get slammed by Jones …

The news may come as a surprise to Jones’ listeners after the conservative radio host signed a new two-year contract in May 2019.

The Daily Telegraph has reportedly dropped Alan Jone’s regular column following his controversial anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown messaging.

Jones has weekly columns in The Daily Telegraph on Thursdays, and also publishes a column for The Australian’s sports pages on Fridays. Jones also has his own show on Sky News.

News Corp’s Sydney paper informed Jones it was ending the column because it no longer resonated with readers, according to reports in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Speaking to the SMH, Jones confirmed he was no longer publishing his column in the Daily Telegraph.

“If the argument has been it’s not resonating, I don’t have to defend myself,” Jones told the SMH.

“Have a look at Sky News YouTube, Sky News Facebook and Alan Jones Facebook and you can see. The same column that I write for the Tele goes up on my Facebook page.

“The public can check it for themselves. Thirty-five years at top of the radio and I don’t resonate with the public? Honestly.”

(Editor) Read this about Alan Jones, by Ray Hadley and Peter Fitzy

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