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The about Face of Mark Zuckerberg

The about Face of Facebook

(editor) I guess I really have two opinions of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. The first is the freckly faced freshman in 2004 setting up Facebook. With his wild enthusiasm and superior code writing abilities launched the platform that I don’t even think he as a young man thought would be this wildly successful.

As of today’s share market numbers The Facebook empire is now valued at 745 billion dollars, with 2.8 billion users. With 2.8 billion users, I guess they see themselves as BIGGER than any country on the planet. Now that is a serious amount of money and a serious sized company.

So first stop, is the idea that all people should be and have been connected in some shape or form was admirable. I guess the other issue is that the tentacles of Facebook along with their algorithms send out tentacles into the universe to gain information and insights about you as a person and behaviour which at best is morally wrong or at worst fraudulent and corrupt.

Where we are today. Facebook have pulled the feed on news items on their Facebook platform because they don’t believe they should have to pay for news content generated on the pages. I’m not sure how an international corporate organisation can circumnavigate its fiduciary duties as a company and its moral standing within the world to be able to steal things and not pay for them, and then blame the users for these breaches. You simply can’t run with the boxes and hunt with the Wolves

I get the professional sense that Facebook’s big dilemma out of Australia with 25 million people is the domino effect this will have on the larger countries and unions of the world including the big democracies of the United States of America and Europe

The reality is the gross amount of money that they make on a digital platform is in excess of 50% of turnover therefore the idea that they can’t afford it is nonsensical. Regardless of how you look at it under the western legal system, if you copy, infringe, duplicate or put into a public domain information which is protected you are breaking the law pure and simple.

I think deep down Facebook understand they need to pay someone some money towards the news companies supplying the greater part of content on the site,  the argument of course will be how much they need to pay each news organisation.

it is always interesting to watch new young entrepreneurs come onto the world platform and their view of the world. The idea that you can run or operate in a world vacuum is nonsensical. You have to register companies and run and operate them with in taxable jurisdiction and that within itself has the burden of law and the responsibility of running a company attached to it

I think Facebook has been overly successful in the space to which it started out and therefore the monetisation of the company and its profitability moving forward has made it do deals and buy companies to continue its growth and profitability to their parent company.

Now with their big boy pants on they probably need to re look at what Facebook is in the world what the short, medium and long-term goals are because I’m sure they don’t line up with the morals and ethics and certainly the legal and taxation ramifications of most countries they operate in.

Mark, as you were the great disruptor in 2004 the world has a funny way of disrupting the disruptors and maybe this gross level of arrogance shown by Facebook will allow another disruptor into the space for us to go through the same process over the next 20 years.

Ummm… WorldBook, BetterBook, MyBook…ummm ConnectBook, FreeBook?

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