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ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 18: Taylor Walker of the Crows celebrates

Taylor Walker charged in AFL racism rant

(Editor) My view on all this is like yours, we live in a society where racial vilification, on any level, should not be accepted.

BUT, to the point of Taylor Walker as the person. Much celebrated as a Crows legend, captain, player and has redefined his position in the last 12 months to look fit and well. (Not my AFL team, but credit where due). Taylor will now miss 6 games, 3 games this year, so all of 2021 season is gone for him, and 3 games at the start of 2022, if this matter does not gain momentum and they take is career away from him.

The point is “how and why” did this happen.

In a world of compressed coverage, more staff, more microphones, more media invading the quiet and sanctuary of the preparation rooms, mics on the field, mics on umpires, mics on players. This leaves no place for the players to get ready for sport. We went 70 years not knowing what happened in the cricket rooms, and I was OK with that.

So with more fun police everywhere, there is not a place and a time where words can be immobilised to drive a point home in a competitive environment. If he had of said, that white bustard on the other team, Patrick Dangerfield is an idiot, and we need to attack him…. nothing would have been said, done, or activated.

So “same tribe” slander, sports banter, captains rev up is OK, but the minute it involves anything else it is wrong.?? Perplexing, the one plus one does not equal two here.

We have been bought up to ‘dislike’ the opposition, because that’s a motivator. We use colourful langue because that lights the passion, we raise our voice, because we have a point to make, we shake our fist, because the matter is urgent, and we try to focus all the efforts on the end result…

Taylor Walker is not a racist, and the fact he has been painted one, will carry the same disproportion of the 99 great things he has done. We will have more to say on the way sport is covered and how we train our superstars to get excellence in their field.

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