You are currently viewing Queen to meet “Dirty” Harry. Prince Harry to go ahead and ‘Make her majesty’s day”
Queen is amused

Queen to meet “Dirty” Harry. Prince Harry to go ahead and ‘Make her majesty’s day”

So here we again, if you can believe the tabloid press and those trying to drive storeys and wedges between the royal house at this time, here we have the perfect example.

We tend to forget at the Royal family is like most families having its ups and downs right at this point in time they seem to be having the worst run that they have for a little while with the recent passing of the Queen’s consort her husband Prince Phillip.

Common sense tells us Harry is not as “Dirty” as the press would have you believe. I think he is the cheeky rascal the Queen loves, and has never taken things too seriously.

The idea the press would like to press a wedge between the Queen and Prince Harry is nonsensical . His wife Megan is pregnant and has been advised under doctor’s orders not to fly therefore unavailable to attend any meetings in the UK .

Prince Harry will be flying solo and as one of the favourites of the Royal family I’m sure he’ll have some quality time with his grandmother and cover some of the issues discussed in the more recent Oprah Winfrey series, without all the royal watchers.  

Family disputes are not exactly ground-breaking news, but I guess as the Royal family it carries some swagger and interest with readers but for all intents and purposes my view it is a non-event, after Philips passing.

Let these poor people have some time to themselves. The Queen, for the first time in her life, albeit stoic in her response, to the passing of a partner will need support and love from those who respect her years of loyal and dedicated service.

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