You are currently viewing Profits before “Parasites” – Harry “Pull the Trigger” Boff.
Profits before “Parasites” – Harry “Pull the Trigger” Boff.

Profits before “Parasites” – Harry “Pull the Trigger” Boff.

(Editor) I have been into the Meriton Head Offices and chatted and worked with some of the marketing team, and the only thing Harry is missing is perhaps a sign up saying “Arbeit macht frei” . (German phrase meaning “Work sets you free” or “Work makes one free“. The slogan is known for appearing on the entrance of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps.)  The below story touches on being a “Control freque” and not supporting your staff, who over the years have only made you Billions of dollars.

My sense was they would not make a decision without your approval and they are boss pleasers. Harry in 2021 in Australia you need to change and have a little more humility. Try giving away 1 Billion dollars to charity before you die, and see if that puts a smile on your face. 1 billion down, only 10 billion to go and spend … at 88 years of age Harry, the Meriton lift of life is going down to the basement and you can be remembered with the “Trash” or the 45th floor, with clear views and looking to a better future of trusting staff and society. Shalom ….

(story continues) Billionaire developer Harry Triguboff says bosses who allow employees to work from home are ‘parasites’

Billionaire developer Harry Triguboff has blasted Australian bosses as “parasites” for allowing employees to work from home.

Australian billionaire property king Harry Triguboff has slammed bosses who allow their employees to work from home as “parasites”.

After the COVID-19 pandemic saw Aussies forced to work from home, the concept has stuck for many who found they could get their work done but also had more time for their families.

But the real estate developer and Meriton founder, who is worth an estimated $11 billion, thinks employees are only “working half the time”.

The Saturday Telegraph also said he was concerned city office spaces were being wasted. “We have to also stop this work from home,” Mr Triguboff told the Urban Taskforce event on Wednesday. “You can have figures that they will work. I say they only work half the time.”

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