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Prince Philip

Prince Phillip dies at 99

Queen must be feeling awful today. After being in a relationship with Phillip since 1947 the one thing the Royals do is longevity.

Not far from being a  being a celebration of Prince Philip’s 100th birthday he missed by a couple of months, but by any measure and their English stiff upper lip, an innings of 99 is a bloody good hit.

Now its easy to say he was plagued by insecurities by having such a powerful wife and his military background wouldn’t have not made it easily to be in partnership with a more powerful women, but I feel he found his correct placemuch later in the relationship.

In keeping with C19 restrictions his burial will be a much more quiet and a family affair, plus this will be keeping in line with the way that Prince Phillip had instructed his Funeral arrangements to be made.

I’m not sure this will fundamentally change the Queens view on her reign and whether there is any wiggle room for her to hand over the reins to Prince Charles but she has indicated on many occasions that the job of Queen of England was basically for the term of her natural life.

while there is some confusion as to whether Harry or Meghan will return to the UK for the funeral I’m sure humility and empathy will prevail and that they all end up in the same room and I’m hoping more meaningful things in there life outside of “He said, she said …”

I’m not sure the Prince passing will have a fundamental effect on how Australians feel they are governed or under our constitutional regime, but we are a valued part of the Commonwealth of which the Queen is the head of and we continue to enjoy the benefits of that Association

The real test of power struggle transition and new world orders will come when the Queen finally leaves us and her reign is passed down to Prince Charles to manage the next 20 or 30 years Liam isn’t pulled forward a little earlier in that whole process for the greater part we like Prince Phillip he was very old school old military Anne was not very politically correct but as we make changes as we all need to deal with each other and move forward he’s was of another time and place  

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