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One day you “Woke” up from a bad dream to read emails from a she/her and the world says “My Bad” !

(Editor) I have notices this stupid “pronoun” fad turing up on emails I get. I had to write to media owner to ask “What the fuck does this mean?” – So the idea, that something is on trend, in girlie magazines, is the most important thing you talk about?, Your name is your brand, and if people cant figure out if you are a girl or boy, then take them off your stupid friends list.

So I should be: Daily News Dash | 6 foot 2 – likes blue, drinks strong black coffee (sorry to #BlackLivesMatter) and like puppies. WHEW!!

“Woke” defined as: meaning ‘alert to racial prejudice and discrimination’ that originated in African-American Vernacular English

This bullshit story is below thanks to Herald Sun.

A councillor in inner-city Melbourne who questioned the use of pronouns in email signatures has been blasted by the mayor for his “harmful” actions.

City of Stonnington councillor Alexander Lew questioned why council managers had started including gender pronouns like “he/him” in their email signatures. He also declared that staff who didn’t want to add their pronouns “may themselves feel ostracised or pressured”.

“Can you please advise of how the adding pronouns to email signatures is consistent with the need for council staff to remain apolitical,” he wrote to Stonnington chief executive Jacqui Weatherill, in emails seen by the Herald Sun.

His email – which was also copied in to other councillors – also included a link to a federal parliamentary committee hearing where a heated exchange between a Victorian Greens senator and a City of Melton councillor over the transgender issue took place.

Mr Lew’s message was met with fury by a number of his colleagues, including Stonnington Mayor Jami Klisaris.

“Your email has caused great offense (sic), and I am deeply concerned that you don’t appreciate the harmful ramifications that your communication is having on many people,” she wrote in response to Mr Lew’s suggestion, the Herald Sun reports.

Ms Klisaris said the council’s leadership team fully supported staff to “choose and share their gender pronouns in the workplace should they wish”.

She also suggested Mr Lew undergo diversity and inclusion training.

Greens councillor Mike Scott denied that using gender pronouns in emails was political, telling the paper it was “a small step in making people feel accepted for who they are, welcomed at council and that they are safe to participate as their full selves”.

“Some officers choose to do this to avoid being misgendered, while others choose to do this to demonstrate support and build cultural safety within the organisation for LGBTIQA+ staff and communities,” he added.

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