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NINE destroys 2GB

NINE, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2GB ….

From Mark Hughes (CEO) point of view, it’s a business and I’m sure he is thinking he can run any business? Radio is more of a creative artform, that the subtleties of the “Shock Jocks” are not always present to the listener. These are skills honed over many years of doing Talk Back radio. They are not TV people, they are radio people with Talk Back in there DNA. 

So the “Beige brigade” – The “well what do you think …” or “It’s over to you our listeners now for you to come back to us …” – NEVER works.

I’ll try and put this in parts, as you can imagine it has a lot of moving parts:

Alan Jones (Breakfast 5am to 9am)

The reasons Alan left 2GB are not as simple as he claims “I have professional advice here from my doctor, who say continuing is detrimental to my health …” Wellll, it has been for 20 years. I think the real reason is a couple of issues.

ONE – NINE have no appetite for a personality on a reported 5 million a year (Not even their highest paid TV people come close)

TWO – Insurance in Talk back radio is expensive, and perhaps after a couple of “Un Alan” like claims, the insurance company had no appetite to cover him moving forward.

THREE – It’s no secret that revenue in the Alan Jones show decreased to left wing, highly targeted agents who mobilised non radio people to attach clients of 2GB. 

So depart Alan Jones, welcome NINE face Ben Fordham. Save 4 million dollars. Tick

Ray Hadley (9am to 12 noon)

Insurance if everything went wrong, they have one radio head in the building to do breakfast, sport, or mornings for the next couple of years. Ray’s work load has correctly decreased from doing NRL on the weekends, and his pending marriage to Sophie Baird.

Deb Night (12 noon to 3pm)

Light weight, woman’s lefty, wont work in terms of content or ratings on radio (We think her body of work in TV is professional and stands up)

Jim Wilson (3pm to 6pm )

What were NINE thinking?! Didn’t work on TV, Won’t work.

So if you look at the post C19 numbers, radio was UP 20% and Ben Fordham who went into breakfast lost 0.5% – Not good if the listening went up, and your share of breakfast went down. The other complication in the survey was an anomaly in the demographics 2GB has never had.

10 to 17 year old’s went from 2.4 (Which is high) to 7.5!! (bullshit) – To put that in context Triple M only has 7.7% in this age group?

18 to 24 year old’s went from 0.4 (Which is about right) to 3.0!!  – To put that in context 2Day FM only has 4.0% in this age group?

25 to 39 for 2GB DOWN

40 to 54 for 2GB slightly up (core audience)

55 to 64 for 2GB DOWN (absolute core audience)

65 PLUS for 2GB (absolute core audience for Alan Jones, but NOT Ben)

So the slippery slide to hell has started.

Decrease in ratings, means decrease in revenue. Revenue has continued to slide over the last couple of years and will now accelerate.

The only way NINE keeps revenue in radio is by offering rebate deals from the re TV clients to move unspent dollars into 2GB. So now I hear Ray Hadley doing McDonald’s ads. Really!


NINE lost 26.1% of it’s GROSS Turn over in a LOSS, and they say they are doing well. Please don’t put in a bad financial report. 2GB writes less than 1 million a week, so over a year, it’s less than 50 million in revenue and not going to change the financials of the radio side of things. So if radio (2GB) is less than 1% of the revenue, then it has arrived where it should have been all along in the NINE line up  – irrelevant in the media landscape.


27 August 2020: Nine Entertainment Co. ( NEC) has released its FY20 results for the 12 months to June 2 020 On a Statutory basis Nine reported Revenue of 2.2 b and a Net Loss of 575 which included a post tax Specific Item cost of $665m largely relating to impairment of good will.

On a pre AASB16 and Specific Item basis, Ni ne reported Group EBITDA of 35 5 m d own 16 on the Pro Forma results in FY19 for its Continuing Businesses. On the same basis, Net Profit After Tax and Minority Interests was 160 m, down 19m

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