You are currently viewing There were 10 drunk executives sitting on the wall, and if one drunk executive should accidently fall, there’d be NINE ….
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There were 10 drunk executives sitting on the wall, and if one drunk executive should accidently fall, there’d be NINE ….

(editor) Look, no one has a problem with a “sickness” and “indiscretion” but the duplicity of this story is staggering. So under normal circumstances Tracey Grimshaw, Karl (love a drink in the uber talking to brother) Stepanovic, would be all over the “Tradie”, “The Mum”, “The Dad”, heaven forbid “The politician” who had a drink and was 4 x the legal limit.

Defining silence … see the problem here is he is the BOSS of all of them, so a media pile on would have “Dead TV personalities walking”. What happened to “Bringing the channel into disrepute..?” “Setting a poor moral standard…”

The list goes on. Double standards and protected species …(The story below)

NINE director of news and current affairs Darren Wick has been charged with drink-driving after he was caught driving over four times the legal alcohol limit following a work function Friday evening.

As first reported on the SMHWick’s blood alcohol reading was more than .2. The legal limit is 0.05.

Following the incident, Wick sent an email to Nine staff, apologising for a “moment of unacceptable madness”.

He wrote: “Last Friday evening, I stupidly jumped behind the wheel of my car drunk and attempted to drive home. I was pulled over by police in Willoughby and tested positive to high range drink driving, more than four times over the legal limit. I was subsequently charged and will soon face court to pay for my actions.”

Wick admitted to staff that he was an alcoholic and will be taking “immediate steps to get help and deal with [his] problems”.

“I know I need to change my life. I have already begun to get the professional help and advice I know I need,” he wrote.

A Nine spokesperson told B&T the network will provide Wick with the support he needs while conceding the seriousness of the incident.

“Darren Wick has done something serious and with significant consequences but we intend to support our friend and colleague as he commits to recovering from this illness and rebuilds his life,” said the spokesperson.

While Wick will remain in his role, he said it’s likely he will take time away from the office over the next few months while he deals with his health.

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