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Meghan Markle mangles Monarch

Meghan Markle mangles Monarch

(Editor – beautiful article written by Daisy Cousens)
Meghan Markle’s grating brand of ‘girl boss’ feminism is tone deaf to the struggles of ordinary women

The Duchess of Dreary’s lamentations about the plight of high-flying professionals are an insult to normal women suffering through soaring interest rates and a cost of living crisis.

Daisy Cousens Contributor and Political Commentator

August 30, 2022 – 11:26AM

There are few things I dislike more than “establishment activists” – earnest sycophants who aggressively push for the latest politically correct, establishment-approved social cause, while simultaneously claiming to be pioneers against said establishment.

Examples of these activists include tennis star and Black Lives Matter mouthpiece Naomi Osaka, climate hand-wringer Greta Thunberg, and faux-feminist former Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

But few embody this (dare I say it) archetype better than Meghan Markle.

The first episode of the Duchess of Dreary’s podcast “Archetypes” is the very manifestation of this tiresome brand of activism.

Featuring tennis icon Serena Williams, the episode focuses on the idea that ambition is perceived as a negative quality in women, while celebrated in men.

Meghan Markle’s new podcast embodies a tired brand of bourgeois feminist activism out of reach to ordinary women, writes Daisy Cousens.

The irony of Meghan trying to frame Williams, one of the greatest and most decorated athletes in the history of both men’s and women’s sports, as hamstrung by negative perceptions of her ambition is silly enough.

What’s worse is Meghan’s relentless rehashing of culture war battles that were fought, and won, years ago.

For example, it’s neither thoughtful nor interesting in 2022 to lament the trope of dismissing women as “hysterical” when they are angry or emotional.

Nor is it ground-breaking to point out women can suffer from professional difficulties that men do not when re-entering the workforce after having children.

It’s culturally accepted that those things are sexist and should be rallied against.

Just try saying publicly nowadays that women are less rational than men, or should retire once they have kids; you’ll be cancelled so fast it will make your head spin.

The Australian’s Sophie Elsworth says it is “sheer pain” to listen to the 55 minutes of Meghan Markle’s podcast as she talks about her “tough life”. Ms Elsworth said Ms Markle has done nothing but “throw stones” at the royal family.

Meghan’s dated assertions about the plight of ambitious women embody a brand of bourgeois feminism that went out of style around 2015.

Not to mention her complaint that she was not allowed to skip work when a heater caught fire in baby Archie’s room while they were on tour in South Africa (Archie was not in his room at the time).

It’s an ideology women outside the small class of high-flying, professional, affluent “girl-bosses” cannot afford to entertain.

The term “post material” does not begin to describe what Meghan Markle is espousing.

At a time when, post-pandemic, ordinary women are really suffering thanks to soaring interest rates and inflation, it is particularly grating.

Meghan Markle has been widely ridiculed as being “woke” and “self-absorbed” after she released her first episode of her Spotify podcast “Archetypes”.

Then there are the frequent, fervent comments from Meghan about just how good her friendship with Williams is, and how she has been in her player’s box at tennis tournaments, and how she too suffered when her friend was supposedly treated unfairly on court.

It’s as if Meghan is attempting to cruise onto the A list by clinging to the tennis skirt of a much more accomplished woman.

Given Meghan’s worldwide fame is largely due to her marrying Prince Harry, this is not unexpected behaviour.

Speaking of the Prodigal Prince; arguably the definitive moment of the episode occurs early on, when Harry is heard saying a brief “hello” to Serena Williams in a rather insipid cameo.

Considering she speaks so highly of ambition in women, it’s extraordinary Meghan is apparently so willing to remind the world she got where she is by marrying up.

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