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Long live the Queen, as it may not always be, long live the Prince.

Long live the Queen, as it may not always be, long live the Prince at 99

(Editor) Amongst all the other things that keep me awake at night, this is not one of them. What would happen if Prince Philip passed.
(Has been in hospital for 6 days now with suspected infection)

The Labour left in the UK, want the Royal Family removed, and the conservative governments struggle to explain it’s on going worth and legitimacy. Not only to England, The UK, The Commonwealth, but to the world in general.

For me it’s the warm cosy place, that a perfect grandma fits into, all seeing, all conquering and all loving. Yes, they smell a little different, but what the hell. No new stories here. The fact that the Queen has been romantically scandal free for all these years is admirable, and Prince Philips side gigs, well documented.

In terms of good management, she has done a stella job. The issue is, when it gets handed down in a very precise hierarchy to Prince Charles, this is when the “snickers” will begin. Is he capable, is he too old, is he too set in his ways, does he have the diplomacy required? Many, many questions and like the Queen, no certain answers to all of the above.

The world is a changing place, and the ways of the old are not always accepted, understood and embarrassed by the young. Harry and Megan exhibit one your honour.

Short term political cycles, give way to a Queen who has met and seen off many Prime Ministers in England. Boris Johnson is Elizabeth II’s 14th. From WInston Churchill to Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II has seen many prime ministers come and go during her time on the throne.

At 94, she is only just showing small signs of slowing down, and Prince Philip at 99, has seen his best days. But this is a human story. The Queen is entitled to a partner and has down so with well hones skills of “Royalty” and “Home affairs” even if she is the boss. He on the other had has had to dedicate his life to the Queen, and to the exception of all others.

I think the Queen will be sad, very, very sad when that day comes. Her partner, her rock and most of all, her ‘constant’ in a changing world. What becomes of the broken hearted? They die and move on, and the new generation take over and take it for a ride. It will be a rocky ride, but hopefully one the Royal family navigate and continue to positively give to the world. Even if the way they riches and influence where arrived at are somewhat questionable.

The current Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have been married since November 20th 1947 (74 years!) and have known each other longer than that. After meeting at a wedding as children, they didn’t cross paths again until years later, when the then-Princess Elizabeth was 13, and Philip was 18

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British monarch on 9 September 2015 when she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother Victoria. On 6 February 2017 she became the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, commemorating 65 years on the throne

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