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Jarryd Hayne – Do not pass go, do not collect $500,000 NRL contract and “Get out of Jail” card torn up.

(Editor) This story will polarise people all over Australia. So on the face of it another big boofy NRL player has been accused of bad behaviour towards females. Nothing new in that story and happens in a lot of other sports around the world and we have our problems and issues here in Australia.

I must admit the idea that he had sex with a woman and has been sentenced to nearly seven years in prison I thought was a little harsh particularly when you look at other deliberate murder and manslaughter convictions within the Australian judicial system. (Read other Daily News Dash story’s on this) Newcastle District Court Judge Helen Syme on Thursday said Hayne had to be jailed because non-consensual sexual intercourse was an extreme form of violence which the community expected courts to take very seriously.

Now Mr Haynes will of course appeal this decision, but will he get back to community service hours and no imprisonment? The body of weight against him suggests that he won’t and he is going to do considerable jail time.

As I mentioned earlier this will polarise Australians. In one corner you have the Christian fraternity saying that he’s an all around good boy loves God, loves his family and wouldn’t do anything wrong. The only issue here is he has been in a long term relationship for some time and that’s probably a little awkward to come home and explain … “Honey I love you, but I tried to have sex with this random women in Newcastle, and ….”

In the other corner you have his brothers in arms then suggesting that the judicial system didn’t do them the right thing and therefore there poor little brother he is going to go to gaol and the system isn’t right

So in many regards this just amplifies the view that the good Christians also do bad things amongst the drug dealers, the paedophiles, the thieves of the world who continue to do bad things. Being a good person doesn’t mean you don’t do bad things and being a bad person doesn’t necessarily isolate you from doing some good things. (Bikie gangs do kids charities, albeit the police say it is a PR exercise for the bad bikies)

I guess the moral to the story is how many times does the management of sport have to explain to dopey male sports people that women are gonna throw themselves at you and the simple answer is NO. No means no. No you shouldn’t do it, no you shouldn’t get involved cause all this particular case shows is that YES very bad outcomes happen for people who don’t take NO for an answer.

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