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James Packer Crown weighs heavy

We like James Packer … BUT not his pack of YES men

The whole Casino inquiry has thrown a “Mini Me” under the bus. I say Mini Me with affection, as the process as where we/James are today, is learnt.

If Kerry Packer (Dad) was (with affection) Dr Difficult and his Dad Sir Frank Packer, well, the story’s are legendary as Dr Evil, along with a healthy temper.

My experience with Alpha males and major celebs, falls into 2 categories. Completely self-centred, vacuum orientated, borderline narcissistic and sociopath tendencies. The other is delightful, well balanced and highly intelligent.

So the issue here is James demands “Loyal Lieutenants” – but these have all come from people who are “mates”, “connectors” and “yes” people. Non have worked in the real world on $60,000 a year. I say that as an example to people working in vacuums and being tone deaf.

Andrew Demetriou has resigned, after a scathing attack from the commission – well connected boys, with a prize jobs including being ex CEO at the AFL on 2m a year (That’s $2,000,000 a year plus – or over $38,000 a week!). Fighting words from him “ I will protect my honour from attacks ….” – Mate, you have been weighed, tested and found wanting by some of the best and brightest minds in the country, and your response, like a bully boy … you can’t do that to me … boo hoo!

Don’t get me started on the Chairman Helen Coonan as the Chairman of Crown having been appointed in January 2020

The issues are complex, plus the 800 page report adds weight to the significant shortfalls in all levels at Crown in Sydney, and this will surely extend to casino’s in Melbourne and Perth.

Perhaps the old days, hard, aggressive and strong arm tactics of business worked, but now needs to change. They as in Crown, certainly need to reflect the almost monopolistic business channel that Crown play in. With great financial opportunity comes great legal and regulatory responsibility. Neither have been managed well and this is not your finest hour. I know you will not “like” some of this, but what you don’t like and what you are legally required to do, as a fit and proper person need to aline.

James, shuffle the cards, re orgainise the deck, start with a clean sheet and go and do it all again, but better.

James, take a chill pill. Get well, you don’t need the money and you sure as hell don’t need the stress and aggravation.

Dash Editor

Self-confessed confused news junkie, with lifelong additions to coffee, great conversations, perfection in all its forms, cold wine, hot music and puppy dogs.

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