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James Packer

(editor) We like James Packer. No, we have never met. No I have never worked for him. But, we like the kid. Sure he has made a couple of mistakes, but big shoes to try and fill, and a different time and generation, when his Dad, Kerry Packer ran his company’s with an iron fist, and political correctness at work had not been invented.

James’s thinking and strategy on many things has been well timed, and executed in the commercial world. Yes, he has had some exceptional lieutenants around him, but it was always for the greater good of Team Packer.

It seemed a little while ago James was reaching for something “family” in his younger days. A short stint with Scientology, a few girlfriends, a troubled telco, a Vegas investment to stirp some cash off him, but he came out the other end.

I guess the real issue is, he has done all this with some mental health issues. One can only image what Kerry Packers response to his son having mental health issues, but it is real and it is in James life.

We don’t live in perfect, and the idea any casino, the government, the CCA (Casino Control Authority) the watch dogs, the 60 minute stories all lead to one issue. James and his team made mistakes. That’s not a reason to have a pile on, or make a person “not fit and proper” to hold a licence. All licences are the sum of a lot of people working on them.

Give James a slap on the hand and tell him not to be so arrogant, tell him shared management is the new “arrogance” and let him run the dream he had of supplying Sydney with a world class casino, accomodation and food.

While “Crowns” may tarnish on Kings from time time to time, they always come back bigger and stronger, and that’s our wish for you James.

Dash Editor

Self-confessed confused news junkie, with lifelong additions to coffee, great conversations, perfection in all its forms, cold wine, hot music and puppy dogs.

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