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Irwin’s insatiable appetite for media continues to irritate

I’ve though about this for a long time and tried to land on why I dislike the Irwin’s so much (Post Steve passing). I think it’s because of the incessant publicity chasing mother, that thinks we need to know every mishap in there lives and all the drama for the shameless sake of promoting their private zoo. (We are 100% behind entrepreneurs)

There is something very “pushy” and “artificial” about the way they go about it. This is 180 degree turn around from how there famous, Australian father did it. Real, authentic and genuinely engaged with the local and world audience (Opera, Ellen etc) I don’t care if Bindi is getting older, I don’t care if she is engaged, I don’t care if she is getting married, I don’t care if she has a baby bump, I don’t care what she thinks her Dad may or may not have thought. The pub test is always the same, ” Really liked what Steve did, can’t stand the mother or the kids, and what did they do to his Dad…”?

Embrace your Mothers American drive, but you are Australian kids, enjoy, relax, chill and let the Australian audience warm to you and your fathers legacy.

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