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Greens, Green your economics is just bloody mean

Green, Green you’re economics are just bloody mean

This idiot from the Greens party, Max Chandler-Mather, well I say that loosely, as “Green” is an environmental statement, not a political party.

So the tree huggers, whale watchers and Bridge climbers have taken to their version of skilled economic management with the following …

Under the Greens …

Landlords would face a two-year freeze on rents and a ban on no-grounds evictions under tough new minimum standards for tenancies proposed by the Greens.

Research by the Parliamentary Library shows the average renter in Australia is paying $4896 more for their home than this time last year, and Max Chandler-Mather said a rent freeze would have saved tenants a collective $10.7 billion over 12 months.

Great stealing petrol would save 11.6 billion – You are an idiot, Max!

Mr Chandler-Mather said a two-year rent freeze should be considered by state and territory leaders during their meeting with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, where the energy situation is expected to dominate the talks.

Let’s hope the kids in the Green group are doing an economic 101 uplift in the school holidays!

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