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The 9 lives of the coolest cat… Gary Ablett Sr

The 9 lives of the coolest CAT in Geelong… Gary Ablett Sr

(EditorWhen a story starts and finishes like this, it’s complicated)
“I wish he’d just overdose and go away.”

There is no doubt that Gary Ablett Sr is in amongst the top 3 players of all time in the AFL, same say the greatest player ever. Not many would disagree, even with the tribal following of other supporters. In Geelong, some called him “God” – A footy god of course.

When he played well, Geelong played well, and when Geelong play well, they broke other teams belief they are actually playing professional AFL.

While his on-ground endeavourers have not been questioned, his choices 20 years ago to be in a hotel room with a 20 year old female (Alisha Horan), who subsequently died of an over does, throws a moral dilemma over his achievements by proxy.

In recent time Gary Sr has said the whole incident threw him into a deep depression for 6 weeks:

“There’s been times, especially when, with moral failure some 20 years ago where I was involved in drugs and there was a young lady that overdosed… I can’t tell you how much that shattered me, how much it broke me as a person,” Ablett told the Facebook Live stream.

While Gary Ablett Jr has had a long and open religious relationship with his god, that is known and supported in ALF circles there are some issues with Gary Sr.

Gary Sr seems like a lot of “Born again’s” in take god as 100% absolving there misdemeanours and very rarely taking 100% responsibility as a human, a man, a functioning person with any sense of empathy.

“It’s only been my relationship with Jesus Christ that has got me through, because of His unconditional love and acceptance and knowing that if I repent and I’m genuinely sorry for what I’ve done, He forgives me because He’s paid for it all on the cross. Without him, I couldn’t have kept going.

Alisha Horan  father, Alan Horan has reportedly never forgiven Ablett over the death of his daughter. He said two years ago Ablett Sr has never apologised to him or his family.

In recent years he has continued to publicly condemn Ablett — saying he refuses to believe the footy great’s statements.

“Why would anyone bother printing garbage like that to start with? Don’t believe him” Mr Horan told journalists today.

“I wish he’d just overdose and go away.”

The Gary Ablett Sr Conspiracy

“We’re talking about the Illuminati, Freemasonry fraternities, secret society people who are behind all this. It’s been going on now since the plans all started with the Illuminati way back in 1776.

“They’ve been working on this for a long time to bring in the new world order. They’re all globalists wanting a new world order so they can put Lucifer on the throne of the world.

“This virus was deliberately made and designed, and deliberately released by these people because they’re using it as camouflage for their many globalist agendas, including the main one to crash the global economy.

“They’re desperate to crash the global economy because they want to bring in a new global digital currency, cashless society that will lead to the mark of the beast which is revealed in Revelations.

“The Illuminati’s goal is also to reduce to the population of the world to 500 million … because 7.7 billion people are too hard to control.

“If you do your studying, the vaccines they’re planning to give us are very harmful to us and will kill us. And that’s what they’re trying to do, they want to wipe out a huge portion of the population.”

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