You are currently viewing “Fence sitting Fordham” kamikazes Sydney radio ratings into Number 2 deck.
Fence sitting Fordham kamikazes ratings Sydney ratings deck

“Fence sitting Fordham” kamikazes Sydney radio ratings into Number 2 deck.

So the Ben Fordham story has been developing over a number of months.

From his well-connected mates at Channel 9, he was the preferred kid to take over from the illustrious and high-performance career of Alan Jones. The Ben Fordham experience has been an absolute failure.

The idea that some hotshot could come into the Alan Jones, Chair of the Champs and make it better, was at best a “Rating to Rags” fairy tail.

This has been proven by Ben’s ability to kamikaze the ratings. From an Alan Jones high of 18.0 share down to sub-12. This means that Ben has affectively got rid of 33% of the audience listening to the 2GB breakfast programme.

But this also has ongoing ramifications for the rest of the shows on 2GB, including Ray Hadley, Deborah Knight and Jim Wilson. (On Talk radio if you get them in breakfast, you have them for the rest of the day, they are not FM dial twiddlers)

This on top of the cookie cutter performance on radio and Australian Ninja, Ben continues to defy gravity. I have not met Ben Fordham. But he looks like he’s come out of a cookie cutter machine. Staff tell me he is a perfectionist, but in all the wrong areas.

There’s no real empathy. No real engagement. And everything seems to be overly rehearsed and delivered badly. One thing that we know about Australian people is they can pick a fake a long way away.

And then for you to arrive on the stage of the high-performance stakes of the Number One breakfast show in Sydney and crash it, plus do similar to the Channel 9 programme is more about your ability to make changes to yourself and how we perceive you.

It must be disappointing when you hear. “Fence sitting Fordham”… “Boring Ben”. I am an optimist. And there is only one person who can fix everything that’s going wrong in your life at the moment, and that’s you. Step up, be strong, be bold, have an opinion, and make a difference.

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