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Russian President Vladimir Putin enters a hall before a meeting of the Organizing Committee at the Kremlin in Moscow on March 17, 2015.

Vladimir Putin | Putin’ himself in power for the people forever!

Mr Putin has argued that resetting his term count will prevent other politicians from “darting their eyes in search for possible successors”

The law sets a two-term limit on the presidency, but it also resets Mr Putin’s record so that his four terms to date do not count. Therefore, he can run twice more once his current term ends in 2024, which means 2036 is when he is in power for.

Mr Putin first became president in 2000, then switched to the role of prime minister in 2008 before returning to the presidency in 2012.

The new law also lengthens presidential terms from four years to six.

Mr Putin, who is 68 years old, could now remain leader for even longer than 20th century dictator Joseph Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union for more than two decades until his death in 1953.

The legislation formalises changes to Russia’s constitution, which got public approval in a national plebiscite last year. Election monitors said the week-long plebiscite was tainted by pressure on voters, propaganda, a lack of opposition and a lack of transparency.

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