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China Cheats again

China continues to CHEAT the world!

You don’t buy Iron Ore,

You don’t buy Coal,

You don’t buy Barley,

You don’t buy Wine,

…and we don’t buy your whole sports team are not CHEATS

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Frattini has also upset Yang and his legal team for a series of past tweets, including one from April 23, 2019 that read: “Those horrible sadic chinese are the shame of mankind !! For how they torture animals they deserve the evil every day! And the chinese authorities tolerate and encourage.”

A clash between Frattini and Sun was one of the most dramatic moments in a 10-hour CAS hearing in Montreux, Switzerland in November 2019 that was a rare instance of a CAS process held in open court and live-streamed online.

The hearing ended with Sun surprising his own legal team by waving his arms and calling another translator from the public seats to better articulate his closing statement.

“Who is this guy?” asked an incredulous Frattini.

“It is not up to you to appear before the court. There are some rules.”

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