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Bruce McAvaney …Mc’gnificent

Bruce McAvaney …Mc’gnificent

(Editor) What else could we add to the long list of accolades heaped on Bruce. For us it’s the boy from SA who has risen to Australia’s elite and pre eminent sports commentator. The ability to change codes and be “Eddie Expert on EVERYTHING!” is border line annoying to have that much talent.

Bruce William McAvaney OAM is an Australian sports “superstar” broadcaster with the Seven Network. McAvaney has presented high-profile events including the AFL Grand Finals, Melbourne Cups, Australian Open and Summer Olympics, as well as annual special events such as the Brownlow Medal.

His knowledge is laser focused and borer line obsessive, compulsive. BUT we were the winners in his unique delivery that made us warm and fuzzy.

Health continues to be an issue with men of all ages, and while his passion was in sport, I guess it’s also for living a longer life. While we will him in the lounge, in the garage, in the pub, on the radio, I’m sure his family welcome his extra home time, albeit, I would like to be a fly on the wall in the first AFL at his house!

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