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Brooke Boney

Brooke Boney rattles Australia Day “Bones”- The “Bones” are not broken.

(Editor) This idea that we can change all the things we don’t like (or understand) and take the brussel sprouts out of every conversation, has to STOP. If you are aboriginal and can’t celebrate “Australia Day” – Then don’t! I don’t celebrate Easter Day, Christmas Day, Queens Birthday Day, Martin Luther King Day, or any day I don’t feel attached too, but it comes and goes and the sun rises the next day….Hmmm “Next Day” should we ban that?
PS Get a Today Show coffee cup, NETFLIX is not your cuppa tea.

Today entertainment presenter Brooke Boney has called for the Australia Day date to change so “everyone in the nation can celebrate” it and the country “can heal”. (Editor) Do you or I need healing? I’m feeling fine.

Boney, a proud Gamilaroi woman, said the January 26 date marks a brutal part of Indigenous Australian history and has always been difficult for her, and other First Nation people, to celebrate.

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