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Brittany Higgins now enjoying the spotlight

Brittany Higgins high Jacked, but no ransom demands as yet.

It was always going to end as a “Political High Jacking” as all those who should have done better duck for cover. Now it’s a “Paralysis of a pile on”. The AFP cant do there job due to political interference, the PM can’t do much, because it’s in the hands of the “Due process” committee, and the “We want action because its a women” committee are just left waiting to see….

One law, One process, One outcome … never going to happen. This is a HOT potato no one wants butter or salt on.

The political probe into who knew what and when about the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins has been sensationally suspended on the grounds it could interfere with the police investigation.

Just weeks after the Prime Minister ordered an inquiry into who knew in his office about the claims, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary Phil Gaetjens has revealed he secretly paused the probe on March 9.

But despite questions in Parliament about the probe last week, the Prime Minister never revealed the inquiry had been paused or delayed on the basis of AFP advice.

“On the 9th of March, because of the Commissioner’s advice I emailed the Prime Minister’s office staff to tell them I would not be completing the documentation,’’ Mr Gaetjens told the Senate.

“I believe from what he has said…that I am at risk of compromising an investigation and I am not willing to do that. This is for the benefit of Ms Higgins.”

The claim it was for Ms Higgins prompted fury from Labor senators.

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