You are currently viewing Brittany “Broadcasting channel” in full volume and full vitriol
Brittany biting off more than she can chew

Brittany “Broadcasting channel” in full volume and full vitriol

We are all sympathetic to rape claims, and under normal circumstances she would have the full support of Australia. But something is not right here?

The PM is dragged into the firing line? Defence Minister now on sick/mental health leave and a Brittany, who after being very quiet for 2 years, like “Happy Feet” has suddenly found her voice. (The alleged rape occurred in the early hours of March 23, 2019, and the information we have about it comes largely from Ms Higgins’s recollection of events.)

Now, this is not a voice about what happened on the drunken night, but now seems to have an opinion and voice on everything not related to the event. The disturbing fact about all this, is her criticism of everything is this is all prior to making an official statement to the Federal Police about what actually happened on the night.

Brittany your 15 minutes of fame it up.

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