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The boxing body count has to STOP!

(Editor) How can legal murder and body assault continue to be legal in a civilised world? If you or I walked up to someone and punched them so hard they fell to the ground and injured themself, that would be assault in any country. In Australia the “One punch” rule from Friday fueled fights in the Cross (Entertainment precinct in Sydney) tried to address and amplify the seriousness of this this engagement.

Look at the shambles and the health that plagued Muhammad Ali at the end of his life? However, he wasn’t actually diagnosed with Parkinson’s until 1984 at the age of 42. The news came just three years after he formally retired from boxing. It’s generally accepted that Ali’s boxing career was linked to his development of Parkinson’s. Wins turned to losses as his speed and agility suffered.

In AFL if you get a knock to the head (once!) you are taken off ground and not allowed to play for 10 days (professional sport). In boxing the more head punches the merrier?

Perhaps the people running the sport have all had one punch too many to the head? – Below another very sad story…

18-year-old Mexican boxer Jeanette Zacarias Zapata has died five days after the boxing world was rocked by horror scenes in Canada.

In a Montreal fight against Marie-Pier Houle last Saturday, the 2-4 Zapata was rocked in the fourth round with an uppercut from her undefeated opponent left the young fighter dazed as her corner told the referee she’d had enough.

But horrific scenes followed as Zapata appeared to suffer a seizure, convulsing in her corner as she lay on the canvas following the fight.

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