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Best medal count, worst TV coverage

Best medal count, worst TV coverage …

(Editor) While hard to swim against the tide of “pride” in the achievements of the Australian team, this is in part to the increased funding we have thrown at sport, and to that I have no issue. (Well, to be more correct, the $2,000,000 Gina Rinehart has given to sport in the lead up to the Olympics, as a private person, and good on you Gina!)

My issue is with the professionalism of the coverage. I’m not sure how we could have set the bar so low. If Hamish McLachlan is the “Gold standard” we have, we need to re calibrate.

I’m not sure why Bruce McAvaney was not given more work, but I understand he is not enjoying the best of health and needed to make that call. So we go from absolute perfect understanding and fastidious detail to all the competitors in the games, to a bunch of “Social media wafflers’ who think, making mistakes is “Keeping it real”, laughing at the work they do “Is comedy hour” and “On air TV cloths” are being replaced with “Covid stay at home designs”. As much as I have worked with and respect Ian Thorp, what were you thinking with some of the outfits mate?

Even the medal winners must be saying, how many times to I have to repeat my story to:

Channel 7
Channel 9
Channel 10
Sky News
Channel 7mate
On line videos
Tic Tok
Say I go on? ….

Seven’s coverage has been anchored by Hamish McLachlan, Abbey Gelmi, Johanna Griggs, Luke Darcy, Matt Shirvington, Edwina Bartholomew, Lisa Sthalekar and Andy Maher

I’m sure the Parra Olympics’ will inspire us all.

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